Our Family Friendly Global Recipe Book.

As a family we love cooking and we enjoy travelling – not so easy with two youngsters in tow. Nick and I are both avid formula 1 fans so we decided to combine our three passions to create our blog. If we couldn’t visit the grand prix and experience the country and culture we would bring it to our home, with a recipe for every race.

Before we had children we used to sit down in front of the grand prix with a meal from that country. These days we make it a weekend activity to fit in around parties, swimming lessons and other social occasions.

Last year we collected together the recipes we had made in the past to create a blog and thus My Grand Prix Tea was born. We try to involve the children as much as possible so most of the recipes are quick and easy. Laura surprised us all and made her first apple strudel at the age of three (just look how proud she was) and Eddie is a dab hand at sushi and Char Sui Bao – which incidentally is in his top 5.

Good Fun

We try to find recipes that are family friendly in taste as well as easy to make. Look out for the kid-friendly category.

Of course the top favourite was the brigadeiro from Brazil. This is how chocolately your 4 year old can get!



The little man loves building things. He will most certainly be an engineer like his parents.

Creating sushi appealed to his precise nature. See the concentration on his face to make sure that the sushi was  perfect. 

Sense of Pride

Can you see that cheeky grin. She is not quite 3 years old and she has made her first Apfel Strudel.

She took to ‘painting’ the filo pastry sheets so easily, it was like a craft session for her. 

And the reward of a delicious dessert at the end made it even more fun!


Our Achievements

We have created nearly 170 recipes and still going strong. Have a look through our collection, there is something for everyone!






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